Given a choice, who would not want to live prosperous and peaceful life, in principled way?

  • If we have a system, where there is abundance of capital (money) with easy access to the same, everyone will have opportunity to focus on more valuable goals, the real prosperity. People will act out of sense of abundance rather than fighting out of perspective of scarcity.
  • In a system, if benefits of following the system are much higher than the cost involved and cost saved by escaping the system is meager compared to risk associated, more people will follow the system & enjoy benefits of honesty rather than taking ethical & legal burden of escaping it.
  • With such an abundance of opportunities and lots of benefits for living in principled way, it would further promote harmonious way of life.

With such a system, we as citizens and as a nation not only will get strengthened internally, but also will get positioned very strongly on map of the world. And then we can really walk further on path of progress, crossing all the boundaries and constrains, towards our deeply held value base i.e. Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam – The Global Family hood.

We believe that Arthakranti is a big and leveraging step towards such a system, where ‘Principled, Prosperous & Peaceful Living’ will be enabled & accessible for all.


Mission Arthakranti: India’s Economic Rejuvenation

Arthakranti (‘Artha’- Economic; ‘Kranti’ - Revolution) proposal, which consists of technical corrections for our current economic system, is aimed at India’s economic rejuvenation. By economic rejuvenation we mean transformation leading to

  • Abundant capital formation with credibility for all – Moving from current state of scarce & costly credit with accessibility for only few favored TO increased and wide spread banking, facilitating credibility registration for all in the mainstream economic system, providing them easy access to credit at very low cost.
  • One strong economy – Merging the parallel economy (based on black money) into mainstream legal economy, resulting in removal of hidden and uncertain obstacles not only for citizens but also for government, offering an effective steering.
  • Adequate revenue for effective governance at all levels – Eradicating complex, uncertain, inequitable taxation to bring in wide spread net of simple but very productive, efficient and certain taxation, empowering government at all levels (local, state and central) on one side and on the other side relieving people from tax burden.

This systemic correction complements and will strengthen & synergize the efforts in specific areas by individuals, NGOs, organization etc., resulting in holistic approach to go beyond the current social & economic issues such as corruption, poor governance, wide disparity, terrorism, social unrest etc.