It is obvious that India faces many serious problems, and some of them are very deep rooted and chronic. Unfortunately, all well-meaning efforts by the government, administrative machinery and NGOs to address these problems usually flounder and fail in the face of mountainous hurdles - the parallel economy, corruption, weak systems of governance, to name a few.

For example, if we try to work on problems like lack of literacy, lack of education or child labor, what comes in the way is poverty. When we try to work on poverty, corruption and poor infrastructure come in the way; and while fighting against corruption and poor infrastructure, poor governance comes in the way. All these socio-economic problems are so deeply connected with each other that making significant progress in solving any one of these issues separately becomes highly impractical and then we tend to get along with it or 'adjust' with it.

It is therefore essential to think holistically and at deeper levels to come up with solutions which will bring all pervasive and leveraging benefits. The solution will have to help break through the vicious cycle of socio-economic issues feeding and causing each other, and also lay the foundation for a better tomorrow, the tomorrow of possibilities where one would be able to realize his / her potential with dignity and peace.

Tremendous research and thought has gone into designing the Arthakranti proposal. All current socio-economic issues have been thought about and analyzed threadbare, to reach the root causes of our problems. Fortunately these root causes were born out of technical flaws; therefore the solution consists of some simple technical corrections to our systems of economic governance. This simplicity increases the viability and feasibility of the proposal manifold. Its inherent characteristics bring widespread benefits to practically every citizen in the most non-discriminatory manner. The proposal removes the incentive for tax evasion and provides a much higher incentive for compliance. All these aspects reinforce our belief that implementing the Arthakranti proposal will help to get rid of most of our current socio-economic issues and enable Principled, Prosperous and Peaceful living for all!

  • Here we are putting forth the analysis in terms of Social Reality
  • Economic Reality
  • Weak Banking System
  • Current Flawed Taxation System