THANE: Founder of the Pune-based think-tank ArthaKranti, who was a part of the team that claims to suggest the demonetisation move to the government, said the exercise has been implemented "without proper preparation".
"We do not accept the decision but we are also not against it," Bokil said while addressing the Late Narendra Ballal Lecture here last night.
Bokil said there should only be a currency of Rs 50 and denominations below that.
"We want a less cash concept and not cash-less as conceived by the society," he said.
When asked if ArthaKranti was not in favour of the decision, he said, "the process has been done without due preparation...but we look at the decision and its
implementation from a positive angle".
"With this, a good amount of money will be put to use and circulation and will help the economy grow. It would benefit the lower strata of the society," added Bokil.
"People are asking them about the deaths in the past few days in the aftermath of the demonetisation move, but what about the several lives of the farmers which will be saved due to this revolution," he asked.
"There is nothing to be worried about and there is no reason for fear, which the country is witnessing. This (decision) should have been taken in a good spirit," he said.