Dr. D R Pendse: Ex Chief Economist with Tata Group

The effort by Arthakranti team is definitely appreciable. This proposal should definitely be helpful to solve tax related problems for businesses and industries. The complex taxation system, which is being tweaked for last 65 years but could not even work for 2 years, must be altogether changed.



Rathin Roy (Director, NIPFP)

"It would be unfair to say that this proposal doesn't have intellectual pedigree. There are similar proposals in the US and Brazil but a lot of research and groundwork will have to be done and therefore timeframe within which this can be done may exceed the lifetime of the next government," said Rathin Roy, director of the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy that deals with issues related to government finances and taxation.



From the news report from Times of India, there are 4 endorsements below


Ficci president Sidharth Birla

"If the steps proposed enhance revenue by broadening and broad basing the tax payer base and help improve transparency of regulatory framework, we will tend to welcome these aspects."

President of industry body PHDCCI Sharad Jaipuria

"The personal income tax should be reduced or abolished with alternate sources. I believe, government has the potential to generate revenue from other sources which are unexplored yet".

Girish Vanvari, co-head of tax, KPMG in India

"...it may reduce corruption and collusion with the government agencies. It may remove the tax burden from individual as well as corporate taxpayers. The taxpayers will also not indulge into practices like falsification of accounts, money laundering and other illegal ways of tax evasion," said Girish Vanvari, co-head of tax, KPMG in India

Sudhir Kapadia of EY, a global tax consultancy firm

"There is indeed a case for tax reform that brings in simplification and rationalisation in the tax system by eliminating unwanted distortions and multiplicity of taxes.”


Jay Shankar is an economic adviser at the Department for International Development at the British High Commission

"the new proposed tax system would be more equitable than the existing one, without compromising on the revenue side. ”



Mr. Narendra Modi:

The present taxation system is a burden on common man. There is a need to reform it and introduce a new system”


"my party leaders and experts have recently met and considered the issue for over three hours. Some problems may appear in the first sight but we will have a look at it and find new solutions," ”



Mr. Nitin Gadakari, Ex. President BJP:

"There are 34 different taxes in the country at present and the total revenue collection through it is to the tune of Rs 14 lakh crore. But if all the taxes are scrapped and only transaction tax is introduced, the total revenue will touch Rs 40 lakh crore," he said.



Experts Global

Expert Global votes for this theory and calls for all Indians to demand implementation of this theory



Vivek Sawant, managing director MKCL

MKCL believes that solution to complex and chronic challenges have to be fundamentally knowledge based and hence decided to support this (Arthakranti) research work”, Vivek Sawant, managing director MKCL notes



Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY)

SSY Fully endorses and supports the mission of Arthakrnati Pratishtan ( see www.arthakranti.org ) and does it's best to actively promote this awareness to all.



Darshak Hathi, International Director, Art of Living Foundation (AOL)

Darshak Hathi #VBI ‏@DarshakHathi Jan 23

Exchange f Currency Note will nt stop Corruption,Black Money & Fake Currency. Solution is Abolish tax,Currency compression, BTT


D S Kulkarni, a businessman:

Arthakranti would bring dream era for industries. It will reduce the tax burden in prices of commodities, which is about 40% currently, so prices and hence inflation will fall. Every person in Industry will support to make this happen!