‘Samarpan Yatra’ was an initiative undertaken by Arthakranti Pratishthan to spread awareness about the most needed correction in our system and to construct a ‘people’s manifesto’ that would be the major factor in the next Loksabha Election.
‘Samarpan Yatra’ is submitted the proposal of making a people’s manifesto to four great personalities - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalamji in New Delhi, Shri Shri Ravishankarji in Bangalore, Shri Ramdevji Baba in Haridwar and Shri Anna Hazareji in Ralegan Siddhi. These icons were requested to mentor ‘Samarpan Yatra’ objectives and to initiate a team of experts to construct ‘People’s Manifesto’. The manifesto would be created with concrete proposals for complete makeover of our country, in specific timeframe.
On the way towards their destinations the Yatra visited various cities and villages and carried out activities like ‘padyatra’, vehicle rallies, presentations, video shows, signature campaigns etc.
The Pratishthan has appealed that coming parliamentary elections should be contested on this ‘People’s manifesto’ and for the same, it would be presented to the citizens and the political parties too. The organisation feels that their economic proposal will offer a transparent and strong single system. Ensuring adequacy of capital at low interest rates, promoting businesses and inner strength, Arthakranti will be a solid backbone for ‘People’s Manifesto.’

Aurangabad July 15, 2012

Bhayyuji Maharaj inaugurated the event by raising a flag of Arthakranti and made way for Samarpan Yatra, marked to kick start the revolutionary rally across the nation for the next 15 days. The event took place at Sant Tukaram Natyagruha, CIDCO after which the Samarpan Yatra started towards the four routes across the country.

While speaking at the inauguration he said, “If Satyug is the age where basic necessities like food, water and money are planned and organized in proportion to the nation’s population then this age which witnesses the imbalance of all these elements can be called as Kalyug and we must work towards making this era as Satyug.” Retired Chief Marshall of the Indian Air Force, Bhushan Gokhale and AbhiteJ Singh Sandhu, grandson of the late freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, also participated in the ceremony.

The start of the rally witnessed participation of thousands of people and more joined the Padayatra which was carried through the city. The participation by youth was worth appreciating. Various local and national organizations like Aurangabad District Businessmen Association, Maharashtra Small-scale Industries Association, etc supported the rally.

July 16, 2012

'Samarpan Yatra' the campaign for the demand of people's manifesto made by Arthakranti Pratishthan, which kick started on a positive note, at Aurangabad reached Nashik and various parts of the state today.

The rally was followed by five km 'padyatra' at noon from Royal Heritage to Hutatma Smarak at Nashik. Milind Kulkarni, a fellow campaigner, presented memorandum to the District Collector's office which was accepted by Deputy Collector Nilesh Jadhav.

The rally observed participation of various organisations like Nashik Rickshaw Union, Jyeshta Nagrik Mahasangh etc along with prominent personalities like Ashok Tapadiya, Atul Malani and Economist Vinayak Govilkar.

Alongside, Nashik, teams also carried awareness campaigns at Vaijapur in Aurangabad district wherein they started the day with an early morning rally.

The rally observed participation of various youngsters and middle aged women. Volunteers created awareness through entertaining roadshows. They explained the concept of people's manifesto to various organisation, farmers association and youth and appealed them to join the revolution. These programmes were organised under the supervision of Prashant Deshpande.

Meanwhile the route to Haridwar which started from Aurangabad took halts at various locations - Kannad, Sillod, Chalisgaon and finally reached Dhule. The volunteers interacted with various traders of small scale textile entrepreneurs of Kannad. The traders accepted and shared their views as to how the agenda would benefit them and their business.

The team then met branch managers of banks like Maharashtra Bank, Buldhana District Bank and State Bank of India at Kannad. A V Gupta and Ajay Thakur, bank managers of Maharashtra Bank, Buldhana District Bank respectively gave a positive response to the agenda.

The team further reached out to colleges in Dhule. They distributed pamphlets of Arthakranti in colleges like Jaihind College, Shri Shivaji Vidya Prasarak Sanstha and Palesha College. Volunteers met the Head of Department of Economics department, A P Joshi who supported the movement.

July 17, 2012

Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee - granddaughter of the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi, assured ‘Samarpan Yatra’ that she would herself convey the five point economic agenda to the Prime Minister. The Haridwar team interacted with her at Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust, Indore which provides schooling to underprivileged girls.
Along with Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, the team also interacted with Principal Lataji Shrivastav. The team explained about Arthakranti to the Principal who granted permission to give seminar to students, teachers and other employees. The seminar was attended by almost 300- 400 women from the trust.
The team en route-Delhi team took a halt at Sutarpada which is located at the border of Gujarat. Volunteers undertook awareness drive wherein they explained the details of the Yatra and importance of Arthakranti.
The team then headed to Valsada wherein they visited Shah College amidst 400-500 students and delivered presentations. The presentations were delivered to First and Second year commerce students. J M Naik, Principal of Shah College accepted the memorandum.
The team on Maharashtra route took a halted at Khamgaon and presented the proposal of Arthakranti at Khamgaon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Marathi daily - Dainik Deshonnati. The conference was attended by Kishore Ganatra – President of Khamgaon Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with news editor of Deshonnati Rajesh Rajore, Secretary of Khamgaon Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Rajendra Nahar and State’s Chemist and Druggist Association’s Secretary – Anil Jowar.

July 18, 2012

The team of volunteers of the Samarpan Yatra went to the Surat Collector’s office. The team also submitted the proposal of constructing the people’s manifesto to the district magistrate, Santosh Kulkarni and resident collector R B Barad, who have accepted the proposal and gave a positive response.
In the afternoon, Dinesh Navadia, director of the Surat Diamond Association, in response to the presentation conducted before the dignitaries of the association said, “This is a fantastic proposal and it can have a vast reach but for that we need to come together and we will come together.”
Federation of Surat Textile Traders Association president Nirmal Jain and he said that he will conduct the meeting of the traders and he will put forth this agenda in front of traders based in Surat to gather more support.
The team en-route Ralegan Siddhi reached Akola in the afternoon. The team conducted various awareness activities like padayatra, rallies, slide show, etc throughout the day.
The evening in Akola witnessed an overwhelming response to the lecture delivered by senior editor Prakash Pohare, Dainik Deshonnati, at the Lohiya Sabhagruha. Eminent personalities of the city like Kamlesh Lodha, president of the Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce, Secretary Ashwin Gupta, etc attended the event and expressed their support to the Samarpan Yatra.
The team en-route Haridwar had a halted at Bhopal. The activities of the day included a conference which wherein the team explained the motive of Arthakranti through a documentary film. Later in the day, a seminar was organized at Sagar institute of science & research (SISTec –R) where students and teachers were present on a large scale. The team also interacted with Chartered Accountants group which witnessed participation of all Chartered Accountants from across Bhopal.
After conducting a presentation of Magical Formula of Tax less rich India amidst the Hyderabad chamber of commerce and Industry, the Samarpan Yatra team on the way to Bangalore reached Vijaywada on July 18. Vijaywada being the political, financial and cultural capital of Andhra people welcomed the Yatra and gave a huge response.
The team conducted a presentation of the proposal of the Arthakranti Pratishthan Pavat Samaj Vidhika, Srikrishna District Agriculture and Industrial Association. Totchina Venkata Rama Rao, famous industrialist and social activist welcomed the proposal and expressed the urge to take the proposal forward at his level.

July 19, 2012

The Haridwar team participated in a seminar organized by Rotary Club of Sagar at Majestic Plaza. The seminar was not only attended by Rotary club but also observed participation of Sagar Bar council and Sagar chambers of commerce. The seminar also had participation of various prominent personalities like Rotary Club’s president R K Khare and secretary Arun Choudhary.
The Maharashtra team headed to Nagpur wherein there was a motor rally around the city and final destination being Sanskrutik Bhavan. Simultaneously, team reached Nashikrao Tirpude College wherein they gave presentation and observed more than 100 students participation.
The Bangalore team reached Guntur. The team then headed their way to VVIT College where they conducted a seminar and gave presentation on the concept of Arthakranti.
The Delhi team in Bharuch made a visit to Vinayak agro agency. Kishore F Sojirata, proprietor of the agency expressed his support to the agenda undertaken by Arthakranti Pratishthan. The team headed their way to ABC bearings limited and interacted with the company’s Quality and Assurance Department’s HOD Shreekant Bhatabalikar.

July 20, 2012

The team of Samarpan Yatra met V B Rajelu, a renowned social activist of the Sampurna Kranti welcomed the team of Samarpan Yatra. The team met Rajelu at the office of Awahagana society. After Guntur, the yatra went to Ongole where the team did a presentation in Geetama Arts, Science and Commerce college in front of over 100 students.

In the afternoon the Samarpan Yatra team went to Malineli Lakshmaiah Engineering College where almost 550 students attended the presentation made by them.

After undertaking various activities in Nagpur, the team on Maharashtra route led its way to Yavatmal and Wardha. Along with these two cities, the team made its way to Taluka places – Digraj and Karanja. The activities commenced at Yavatmal and Wardha included seminars, roadshows and campaigns. Road shows and campaigning were carried at six different junctions of Yavatmal. Meanwhile, few members led their way to Jawaharlal Darda institute of engineering and technology, Mahatma Phule Samaj Seva Vidyalaya and Thakare College to give presentations.
Around 40 members of the team made their way to Wardha wherein they gave presentations at Hindawi Vishwa Shaikshanik Sankul and Mahatma Gandhi Vishwa Vidyalaya. Team also made visits to Sevagram Ashram and Pavanar Ashram.
The Delhi team paid a visit at Central Library of Baroda to give a presentation. The presentation observed attendance of many local residents and students.After visiting the Library the team led their way to Federation of Gujarat Industries wherein they gave detailed information of Arthakranti Pratishthan and the five point economic agenda.

The team en-route Haridwar conducted various awareness activities in the historic city of Jhansi. Starting early in the morning, the volunteers discussed the agenda of Samarpan Yatra with businessmen and other people across the city. The team visited the 92.7 radio station office and leading newspaper Times of India, where they explained the concept of Arthakranti with a purpose of reaching out to the local citizens.

July 21, 2012

The Maharashtra team which was on the way to Ralegan Siddhi to meet Anna Hazare visited many villages in Vardha and Nanded district. The team which conducted a huge presentation in the Mahatma Gandhi Antar Rashtriya Hindi Vishwa Vidyalay was attended by their several students and all the faculty members. Similar presentation was made in the People's college in Nanded. The team members have also had a brief conversation with the farmers of the Karanja Village, where they made the farmers understand that the next Loksabha election should be fought on the farmers' issues and the Arthakranti proposal. The team also visited villages such as Pusad and Arvi. In the later part of the day, the volunteers also visited the Parnar Ashram and Sevagram, where they paid a visit to the Gandhi Kuti and organized a rally in the village.
The team of Samarpan Yatra which is en-route Bangalore visited Nellore city. They submitted the proposal to the district collector V Sridharan and Additional Judicial Magistrate S Pravin Kumar. The team further conversed with students from the V R College about the people's manifesto and the proposal of Arthakranti.
The team en-route Delhi received warm response at Baroda. The day started with giving a presentation to the students at Kirti commerce classes. Later, the team visited prominent educational institutes Sumandeep University, Bardiya Institute of Technology and Parul Group of Institutes and explained the concept of Arthakranti to the students and management.

July 23, 2012

The teams headed their ways to tax department, PITC College and Traders’ association wherein they submitted the proposal. The team made their way to Abhinav Technical Institute and gave presentation on Arthakranti Proposal. The evening programmes include an interaction session with Tax Bar Association. The session was arranged by Santosh Kumar Gupta, President of Tax Bar Association.
Team en-route Bangalore spent a day at Chennai wherein the team visited the office of the Hindu Business Line. The team interacted with Deputy Editor of Business line D Murli. D Murli showed his support and gave guidance to the team.
The team on Maharashtra route travelled from Oosmanabad to Solapur. Presentation were given at Mangal Vedhekar Management Institute, Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce and Dayanand Commerce College.
In the afternoon, the team made a visit to Bar Council at District Court. They submitted memorandum to Principal District Judge S M Kolhe. The evening activities included road rally, two km Padyatra, road shows and a seminar at Mule hall. The team en-route Delhi visited Udaipur, the team visited to MSW College, J.R.N Rajasthan Vidyapeeth and gave presentation amidst 80 students and staff.
On the way to Jodhpur visited at Shiroli and Pali District. The team gave presentations and arranged interactive sessions with Vikram Singh and Mohanlalji Bhati respectively of Bharat Swabhiman Trust. The evening programme included a seminar at Jodhpur at Maharashtra Mandal. The team will visit various colleges of Jodhpur to spread awareness of Arthakranti Proposal.

July 25, 2012

Meanwhile, the Samarpan Yatra travelling across the country participated in the ongoing movement by the supporters of Hazare in Allahabad and Jaipur. The Samarpan Yatra team en-route Haridwar held a meeting with the participants of the movement of Anna Hazare, near the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha.
A presentation was organized for the students of Swaraj Mahavidyalaya where the team held discussions on Arthakranti with the students. The team engaged in awareness campaigns on the busy streets of the city like ghanta bazaar, markets, merchant’s chambers, etc.
The team en-route Delhi reached Jaipur today. They organized a presentation for the students of Biyani Group of Institutions where they received an overwhelming response. After a successful day in Sangli, the team of Maharashtra reached Kolhapur today. They visited the city’s prominent educational institutions like Mahavir College, Vivekanand College and Yashwant College where an interaction with the students was held.

July 27, 2012

The team en-route Maharashtra carried various activities in Ponda and Panjim in Goa which included seminar, interaction and submission of memorandum at the Collector’s office. On their way to Ratnagiri, the team visited to Kudaal where they were welcomed by Bharat Sanatan Sanstha which is headed by Vidyawardhan Damle. After Kudaal, the team then headed to Ratnagiri wherein the activities included press conference and motor rally. Along with this, the team also submitted memorandums to District Judge M D Keskar and Collector Rajiv Jadhav respectively. A seminar was conducted which included dignitaries like Anant Agashe of Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Anil Potphode and Yuyutsu Arte of India against Corruption and famous social worker Nisha Jadhav.
The team en-route Bangalore undertook various activities at Salem and proceeded to Madurai. The team interacted with B. Gopal Doss; Madurai’s District Judicial Magistrate and submitted a memorandum. The team also submitted a memorandum to Anna Malai, Editor of The Hindu and to the programme head of Radio Mirchi, N Nachiya Ppon. The team overall received a positive response from Madurai.

The Delhi team visited Parishkar Institute of Education at Jaipur where the team gave two presentations to students. The presentations marked attendance of almost 200 students. Later, the team made their way to Jagatpura and visited VIT College to give presentation. The team then proceeded to Rewari where they held a meeting with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

July 28, 2012

The Maharashtra team landed in Mumbai and showed its support to the ongoing movement by Anna Hazare at Azad Maidan. Along with this, the team also carried a motor rally from Vartak Nagar, Thane to Azad Maidan to spread awareness about the Arthakranti Proposal. After reaching Azad Maidan, the team performed road shows, distributed pamphlets and also demonstrated the Arthakranti proposal via documentary film. The team then led its way to Gateway of India wherein they carried other awareness activities.
The team on Haridwar route proceeded from Moradabad to Ghaziabad. The team interacted with the Bar Association of Ghaziabad which marked presence of R Sharma and J K Tomar, the President and Vice President of Bar Association respectively. The team held a seminar at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College which marked presence of various dignitaries like Lieutenant Colonel B Rajat from Dhaka, H P Johar of Trader’s Association, Vinod Choudhari from Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Vijaypal Singh from Rashtra Nirman Party, Dr. Sudhir Gupta from Devnagiri College, Dr. Rakesh Agrawal from Meerut College and various other members of Bajrang Dal.
The Bangalore team carried various activities in Coimbatore. A presentation was held by the Industrial Association of Coimbatore which marked presence of Ramesh Kumar – the Deputy Head and Ram Murthy – an industrialist.
The team then paid visits to SNS College of technology and Government Art College wherein they distributed pamphlets and explained the Arthakranti Proposal.

July 29, 2012

The Haridwar team of Muzaffarnagar whole heartedly supported the Arthakranti Proposal and the demand of constructing ‘People’s Manifesto.’ Their support was reflected in the candle march where over 200 citizens walked along with the Samarpan Yatra volunteers to spread the message of economic revolution. The candle March kick-started from Sanatan Dharmik Ramleela Sabha Mandira and was organized by Samarpeet Yuva organisation. The team also organized discussion session at Arya Samaj Mandir at Meerut which was well received by the audience.
At Azad Maidan and making their presence felt at Anna Hazare’s movement, Maharashtra team then led their way to various parts of the city. The team distributed pamphlets and performed road shows at Ambernath, Kalyan and Dombivili. The evening programme includes a meeting at Badlapur which will be held at Katdare Mangal Karyalay.
The Bangalore team reached Mysore. The team kickstarted their activities by visiting Mysore Commerce and Industry trade centre and conducted a seminar. The seminar received an overwhelming response and was attended by Sudhakar Yash Shetty - President of Mysore Commerce and Industry trade centre. He gave a positive response and assured that he would spread the concept of Arthakranti proposal among the members.
The team then conducted a seminar at S S Jain Bhavan which marked attendance of traders from various fraternities. The seminar was arranged by Sudindra from Azaadi Bachao Andolan which marked presence of dignitaries like – Navratan Pitaliya, President of Electronics Association and Mayura Lakshmi from Vijaya Vitthal College.

July 30, 2012

The Samarpan Yatra reached Pune and its members participated in the movement as a mark of their support. “It is very necessary to wipe out black money and corruption as it will help every Indian to live a dignified life,” said Anil Bokil, Arthakranti Pratishthan’s founder. Bokil was talking at the ongoing movement of Anna Hazare’s associates at Balgandharva chowk in Pune. Bokil further added, “along with the fight for Janlokpal Bill, it is also important to change the system and the five point economic agenda of Arthakranti promises to do so.”
The programme marked presence of several members from India against Corruption as well several dignitaries from the city. Meanwhile, the Maharashtra route undertook various activities at Jungli Maharaj Road, Fergusson College Road, Bibwewadi, Vishrantwadi, BMCC College and MIT College. They distributed pamphlets and performed street plays in these areas.
Evening programme included a seminar with various traders at Poona Merchant's Chamber, Gultekdi. The Bangalore team continued its stay at Mysore and carried several activities to spread the Arthakranti Proposal amongst the citizens. The team did a presentation at SBRR Mahajana First Grade College and garnered a positive response from students.
The evening programme included a presentation with the Professors of SBRR Mahajana First Grade College.The Haridwar team after undertaking various activities at Muzaffarnagar lead its way to Roorkee and the Delhi team travelled from Panipat to Delhi.

July 31, 2012

The Maharashtra team arrived at Ahmednagar and spread the word of Arthakranti proposal in the city. The team conducted a motor rally, Padyatra and street plays which moved around the city right from Maliwada Kapad Bazar, Chitale Chowk to Delhi Gate.
The team then visited Professor Colony and New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ahmednagar wherein they conducted discussion sessions. The evening programme concluded by a lecture of Yamaji Malkar, an eminent journalist and former editor of a daily Sakaal.
The team on Haridwar route interacted with the officials of Patanjali Yogpeeth and also distributed pamphlets in various parts of the city.

August 1, 2012

The five point agenda of Arthakranti which will drastically change the economic situation of the country has received support from the national icons Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba and Sri Sri Ravishankar. Social crusader Anna Hazare hinted that he will support this economic revolution.
The Delhi team of Samarpan Yatra met Anna Hazare and his associates at Jantar Mantar today. They presented the Arthakranti proposal to Hazare. The women members of this team tied a Rakhi to Hazare on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.
The Haridwar team of Samarpan Yatra met Swami Ramdev Baba at the Patanjali Yogpeeth. “The youth is the spine of our country’s development. Therefore the ideal personalities and the spirited youth must dedicate themselves to the nation”, Swami Ramdev Baba told the team of Samarpan Yatra today. He also appealed to the youth to participate in large numbers in the revolution.
Assuring the Yatra members his team’s support, Ramdev Baba said “will support the Arthakranti proposal by carrying out awareness campaign at the people’s movement set to take place in Delhi on the coming organized protest. I will soon talk to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam regarding Arthakranti.”
In the south, the Bangalore team held a meeting with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and presented the proposal of Arthakranti to him in the attendance of his disciples. Speaking at the occasion, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “We approve the Arthakranti agenda and totally support the people’s manifesto.”
The Maharashtra team of Samarpan Yatra reached their destination Ralegan Siddhi in the morning wherein they were welcomed by the former Sarpanch. Ganpatrao Avati. The team made presentation explaining the details of the people’s manifesto in attendance of the locals. After the presentation, a padayatra was carried out to spread awareness of Arthakranti. At the end of their visit, the team submitted the proposal of people’s manifesto to Ashok Sibbal, the region deputy director of Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jana Andolan.
‘Samarpan Yatra’, an initiative undertaken by Arthakranti Pratishthan to spread awareness about the most needed correction in our system and to construct a ‘people’s manifesto’ that would be the major factor in the next Loksabha Election started from Aurangabad on July 15, 2012 in four directions of the country.
The yatra covered over 15,000 km reaching in almost 75 small villages and cities in order to reach as many people as they can and make appeal to the four icons of the nation- Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for constructing a people's manifesto.
Throughout the journey, the volunteers of the yatra have conducted several rallies, presentations, seminars in colleges across the nation.